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Divorce Diary: Kritish Reddy** – My Wife was A Drug Addict

In this series we bring to you first person accounts from people who have been able to successfully navigate through the process of getting a divorce. **Names have been changed to protect privacy. If you or a loved one is going through the process, reach out to us, we offer counselling that is aimed at providing support and easing this process to help you transition into the next phase of your life.

I’m a freelance social media strategist based out of Hyderabad. Most of my clients are overseas and because of which I primarily work out of my house or pop into a cafe when I need a change of scenery. I found my ex-partner whilst sitting at my usual spot in a cafe I frequent. She worked in private banking in Mumbai. We got talking and we hit it off – things were great between us (until they weren’t). After about two years of long distance, we took a leap of faith and got married.

I moved to Mumbai after we got married, and this was the first time ever that we were cohabitating. Her job involved a lot of traveling and late nights. It was almost a year before I realized that her behavior would often be erratic. I put it down to a high-stress job, but things kept consistently worsening. Her mood swings got increasingly extreme and both the highs and lows would be equally bizarre. On the other hand, her personal financial management went for a toss, the credit card bills were piling up. When things hit the roof, I went on a  late night Google spiral, and every search about her behavior pointed to just one thing – drug addiction. 

At first I was in denial, but then I just had to find out, so when she left for work I started going through her things. And my worst fears were confirmed; I found her stash in the back of the closet. It took a lot for me to confront it, but I was perhaps more surprised at her reaction. She saw nothing wrong in using drugs as a ‘pick-me-up’ and said it was a part and parcel of her job. A long way from seeking professional help for de-addiction, she wasn’t even willing to consider getting cleaned up. It was then that I knew that I needed to get out of this marriage. 

But is drug addiction valid grounds for divorce in India?

Deciding to get divorced and actually initiating the process are two completely different things. There is no lack of information available online, but so much of it is contradictory and confusing. It’s then that I came across getmeadivorce.com. I spoke to their lawyer and she patiently explained that I was fully within my rights to file for divorce under the circumstances. Addiction, substance abuse and the unwillingness of the partner to get help can be seen by the courts as a form of cruelty. She guided me through all my choices and options and helped me chart out a way forward. After talking with her I was able to formulate a solution that would protect my interests.

Today, I’m in the process of getting divorced. There is a long road ahead for me, but I know that I will find happiness soon. Drug abuse and addiction is serious and destroys more than just one life. If you or a loved one are in a similar situation, get help. Take charge of your life, you don’t deserve to spend your life with a partner who picks drugs over you. Reach out to the legal experts at getmeadivorce.com to take control of your life and change it for the better. A divorce is truly not an end of your life, it is a gateway to a journey that is much more fulfilling and rewarding.

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