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Seeking legal advice online is unconventional. We seek to eliminate your hesitation in getting the help you need, we understand that often family and societal pressures make it difficult to even approach, let alone consult a lawyer.


Online consultation with Lawyer

With us you get one-to-one communication with professional lawyers, complete virtual communication from the comfort of your home. We maintain 100% confidentiality and privacy between our clients and lawyer.


Online consultation with Trained Mediators

Mediators are experts communicators, having helped hundreds of couple resolve conflicts in a peaceful and fair manner by allowing both parties to understand things better and clearer.


Introducing a Lawyer

After the initial online consultation if you decide that you need further service for legal proceedings, we connect you with our lawyers to take the next steps. Our legal professionals are committed to you, and will guide you through the end,


Access to all Divorce Related Documents

The process for filing and getting a divorce in India is often a daunting task given the stringent laws and complicated legal procedures. It is also a lot to deal with, at a time when you’re undergoing emotional distress.


Latest Updates on Divorce Law

Indian law and rules that govern marriage and family related matters in India are constantly evolving and changing, to keep pace with the changing social fabric of the country. As we move toward a more gender sensitive country,


Mediation to Mutual Consent Divorce

The foundation of marriage lies in mutual love, trust, care, understanding and compatibility. But the foundations of divorce often lie in the complete breakdown of the same!

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Hidden Identity

We have built our entire system with the singular goal of keeping your identity hidden.

Complete Privacy

All the communication that you do via us is fully secure and encrypted.

No Hidden Charges

No hidden fees, costs or commissions.

Expert Legal Minds

A dedicated team of legal experts, each of whom has decades worth of real-world court room experience.

Trained Mediators

Just like our lawyers, our mediators too have decades worth of experience under their belts.

Quick Process

We make sure that your questions are answered in 24 hours or if you’ve chosen to have video call we will get that scheduled for you within a 24 hour period.

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Head of Legal Team

Our Legal counselling team is headed by a legal expert with close to thirty years of experience under her belt.

Family Law Mediator

Our Legal expert has helped people from across a cross section of society in resolving matters related to family.

Family Law Legal Council

Our expert has an in depth understanding of the intricacies of the Indian Legal System and enables them to navigate their way to resolution.

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