Why Us

We live in a post-Covid world now. The rules and demands of interaction have been forever altered. At we have built a system to deliver sound legal advice and consultation right to your screen.

Hidden Identity

Will someone find out if you’ve consulted with us? If you’ve hesitated because you’re scared of your spouse, friends or family finding out, don’t be. We have built our entire system with the singular goal of keeping your identity hidden. Even when you consult with our lawyers and mediators they too are bound by the law never to disclose the particulars of your case with anyone but you, even your name. We are a fully secure platform that values confidentiality above anything else. So be assured that when you are here, there is an entire software system working in your favour to keep your identity hidden.

Complete Privacy

Can someone access the data at and use it against you? No they can’t. All the communication that you do via us is fully secure and encrypted. No one has access to your name or financial details, not even our employees. Please be fully assured that the chat, or online consulting or mediation sessions that you have with our experts are secured, they cannot be shared with any individual or organisation. We take cyber security very seriously and are constantly upgrading to make sure that our systems are as secure as they can be at any point in time.

Contactless Consultation

We live in a post-Covid world now. The rules and demands of interaction have been forever altered. At we have built a system to deliver sound legal advice and consultation right to your screen.This is no different in terms of the quality of advice or attention from the lawyer/mediator; just that now you don’t have to step out of your house, go to a strange office building or meet a stranger unless you want to. With video consultation you can meet your lawyer face-to-face without having to risk exposure, your comfort and mental peace is important to us. We want to keep you safe and help you feel secure.

No Hidden Charges

Does GetMeADivorce charge a commission or add on fees?

Our services cost just Rs.499 per session, with no hidden fees, costs or commissions. We know that the int process of divorce is hard, mentally and often financially; hence we have kept the costs low, so that you can explore your options without burning a hole in your pocket.

Expert Legal Minds

Who will be on the other screen giving you advice? A dedicated team of legal experts, each of whom has decades worth of real-world court room experience. They are lawyers who have dealt with divorces for celebrities, tycoons and people just like you. They know that the advice they give has real consequences your life and wellbeing. We have them here because these are people who care about you and want to give the power to make informed decisions about your life. You can get to know them here

Trained Mediators

Just like our lawyers, our mediators too have decades worth of experience under their belts. Our mediators help you approach martial issues in a balanced and systematic manner; with the aim of reaching an amicable solution without the intervention of the courts. Our mediators are expert communicators who have helped solve conflicts in family, divorce and custody matters in a way that works for all the parties involved.

Quick Process

Will our experts take a long time to get you the answers? We make sure that your questions are answered in 24 hours or if you’ve chosen to have video call we will get that scheduled for you within a 24 hour period. Family matters can be time-sensitive and GetMeADivorce wants to work for you on your schedule. We can get you the paper works and documentation required as fast as possible. We know that the legal process once in the court can move slowly, but we will do everything we can to make the process smooth and quick.

Consultation At Reasonable Costs

Is the cost of getting sound legal advice keeping you from even exploring options of divorce or separation? You’re not alone, legal fees is a deterrent for many. was envisioned to solve aspect of the divorce process. At only Rs 499 you get access of lawyers and mediators who will help you solve your problems. We have been able to do this by using technology to our advantage, keeping costs low and easily affordable for the people who need it the most.

We at are here to help navigate your relationship issues with a focus on reconciliation.

Starting from ₹99