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Can a Marriage Mediation Session Save Your Marriage?

No relationship smooth sailing all year round. Especially a marriage which tends to bear the brunt almost every external factor that affects the two individuals in the relationship. Over the last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, couples across the world have experienced higher levels of marital discord, with even seemingly minor altercations taking a serious turn. In extreme cases it has led the couples to divorce in unprecedented numbers; however there are so many couples out there who would like to give their marriage (and their spouse) a second chance. If you and your spouse want to work on making your marriage better, Marriage Mediation will help you sort out the relationship.

What is Marriage Mediation?

Simply put this is a kind of mediation that is specifically for couples with troubled relationships who would like to work their way through the issues. It’s ideal for couple’s that want to stay together. The counsellor will approach the conflicts in an unbiased manner – the aim to help the couple arrive at practical solutions themselves after having discussed and negotiated the conflict. It is designed to clear the way to a better marriage with the help of concrete changes in behaviour and communication.

What to expect from your first session?

For a marriage mediation to work,  it is essential that both the parties involved are willing and eager to work on the marriage. When your first walk in the mediation, be prepared to not just talk about what is bothering you, but also to listed to what your partner has to say. In a mediation session, there is no right or wrong. The mediator will hear the grievances of the husband and wife and work to identify the key stress points in the relationship. Moods, finances, inter and intra family relationships, moods and intimacy are all open for discussion. You should be prepared to discuss high-stress topics that might have been off limits in the past.

Divorce Mediation Vs. Marriage Mediation

This is an important distinction to understand before you decide what is right for you. A divorce mediation is for those couple’s who have already decided to opt for a divorce; this kind of mediation is to sort out the various issues that will enable them to file for a mutual consent divorce, instead of a contested divorce. Marriage mediations on the other hand, is to work with the endemic issues that have cropped in the marriage; creating a path that makes the marriage work.

Why give marriage mediation a chance?

With divorces being relatively easier to get and the increased societal acceptability a lot of couple’s have the tendency to make divorce their first option when cracks start to appear in the marriage. While in some cases, a divorce is the only viable option, there are many that can be avoided with the help of mediation sessions. Often, even those couples that have decided on divorce changed their mind after a few mediation sessions. Numerous marriages can be saved If both the partners are open to learning from the mistakes of the past and change patterns. Yours as well.

If you or someone you love is facing conflicts in their marriage; reach out to us. At we firmly believe that divorce is never the first option but always the last resort. We have expert marriage mediators who can help you and your spouse make your marriage work for you. With no hidden fee or charges, you can engage with our mediators without worrying about high fees. Book a session today to talk to someone who can help.

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